"A song done up water in the river"

When shall the moon appear light and bright?

With a cup of wine in hand,I question the night

I don't know what season it would be this night, in paradise

I'd like to ride the wind to begin a home fly

Fears the crystal castles are too cold and high

Dancing with shadow of moon light

Without human world sight

Rotate with the red mansion (the moon)

Stoops to silk-pad doors’mission

Shines upon the sleepless

Bearing without grudge

Why does the moon tend to be full?

When people divided apart.

People have sorrow or joy, gather and far apart

So did moon may be dim or bright, wax or wane

Has been going on since the beginning of time

May I alld be blessed though far apart withlongevity,

We are still able to share together the moon’s beauty

by Helen Nara Xue, ½黯离殇²
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